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Monday, January 19, 2009

Holiday Randomness

Although these photos may not be too interesting to people who don't know the people, I really liked them! These are photos from the most recent Christmas holiday.

My sister Lori being a thug with her Christmas money from Grandma.

We visited Oklahoma where my Dad's sister and her family live for a week after Christmas. Here is my cousin Cory lookin' cute.

A beautiful Oklahoma sky. It was the day after Christmas and 70 degrees out! It was wonderful. My Aunt's house in the background.

We visited this awesome Science Museum in Oklahoma City, and they had a hurricane simulator. Jon is trapped!

They also had a pirate exhibit, and Megan and Jenny fit the part!

Overall we had a great trip, as we always do in Oklahoma!


Devlin said...

Happy belated birthday Jon, I am a bad friend.

Woo pirates!

Grant Antoline said...


Last pic: Why does every pirate snarl look like someone smelled a fart... just sayin'....