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Monday, March 23, 2009


Here is a collection of pictures from Florida of all the freakin' jellyfish we saw! All their slimy dead bodies on the beach!! Ugg... they freaked me out.

I threw this one back in the water to see what would happen.... nothing.


These were two of the BIGGEST ones we saw. That is my sister Megan's size 7 feet between the dead jellyfish blobby bodies.

This one was still alive, but Jon wouldn't let me push it back in!!

Creepy, creepy things, jellyfish.


Grant Antoline said...

Alright that's it!! IM NEVER GOING IN THE OCEAN AGAIN.... dude swimming into one of those is like the equivalent of walking into a spider web with your FACE! Screw that crap...

TC said...

Those are kinda gross, but it still looks gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!