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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


ALTHOUGH, there is something super important that I should write about!

We got yet ANOTHER kitty! This is it though! Our house is full!

We got this little one from my family in Oklahoma too, just like Edgar. Her original name was Abby, but that is my Mom's cat's name. So we have named her Joy because she is such a joy. She is SO sweet, she loves toes, and L-O-V-E-S Lenny and Edgar. They all get along really well. She's about 8 months old, but is only about as big as Edgar (4 months old).

One thing that has surprised me... its amazing how MUCH food three cats can eat!

Joy + Edgar = <3

Joy + Lenny = <3

Pile of Cats (tm)


Super busy lately! No time!

But here is a cute picture of Jon and I.

PS. I go to California in SIX DAYS! A-w-e-s-o-m-e!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Plan B over-the-counter!

((I'm stealing alot of this text from my co-organizer Brooke's blog, but she wont mind! And besides, I couldn't have written it better myself!))

Wow, what a huge day.

This morning, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved emergency contraceptive pill, Plan B, for sale over-the-counter to women 18 and older. Emergency Contraception (or EC) is a special dose of ordinary birth control pills that can prevent unintended pregnancies if taken up to five days after unprotected intercourse, contraceptive failure, or sexual assault. It does not cause an abortion and has no effect if a woman is already pregnant.

EC is most effective the sooner it is taken, but previously EC required a doctor's visit and physician prescription, making it difficult for many women to get a prescription in time for it to be effective. So, women nationwide launched a campaign to get EC made available without a prescription.

My job at Champaign County Health Care Consumers is the lead organizer for the Campaign for Access to Emergency Contraception.

We have held rallies, hosted community forums, conducted pharmacy surveys, went on lobby visits to our legislators, got physicians to write advance prescriptions for EC and later to give away free EC on the spot, sent Valentines to the FDA, held house parties, spoke in classes, and otherwise worked our butts off to promote easier EC access. And it paid off! EC is now available for sale over-the-counter. It is lamentable, and a damn shame, that the FDA is too short-sighted to also approve the pill for non-prescription use by women 17 and younger as well, particularly after highly reputable studies show that young women are no less capable of taking the medication without a doctor's supervision, nor are they any more likely to engage in sexually risky behavior when they had ready access to EC. But, today's decision is still a huge advance for women!

Thank you Brooke and Claudia, for being my inspiration and all the women out there who made this victory possible.

It's great to feel part of something.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Important life events

Our car recently reached an important milestone...

YES, that is SIX (6) sixes - with a 1 in front.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

True love.

Jon + Edgar = <3

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Allie is on the radio!

Click HERE to listen. [below "This Week's Public Square]

I got to go record a 3 minute radio spot for our local public radio, WILL 580 AM. They have a segment each Friday at airs at 4:45pm and 6:45pm, and this week I was the featured speaker! Woo hoo. I got to do this for my job, of course.

Let me know if you want to know more about the issue!

Monday, August 07, 2006


So, this weekend was the Decatur Celebration, and for the last few years we have volunteered for the Roving Characters. This means we dress up in outrageously hot costumes and walk around in the roasting sun to entertain millions dozens of kids! They hug us... we sweat... they dash across the street away from their parents safe grasp to see their favorite cartoon character... we sweat... sometimes they cry... always we sweat.

It's lots of fun, supporting the home town pride! Usually we have some crappy costumes (generic brown bear, odd looking bunny, etc) but this year we had all REAL popular characters! And every year for the last 4 years at least one of us has made it into the newspaper. Although this year we did not get the font page, Ashley still made it in as Blue!

Elmo = Allie
Sponge Bob = Jon
Blue = Ashley
Shrek = Jeremy

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

You're invited

We've sent our invitations out. If you don't receive one soon, and you think you should, let us know. (You can comment here and we'll get it.) We forgot to put return addresses on the first (and by far the largest) batch of them, so we're a little afraid that some of them may just vanish into thin air.

Check your mailbox for one of these:

As always, you can get up-to-date wedding info here on our blog, and on our website.