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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wii day arrives

Today was the day. Wii day. If you're not familiar with Nintendo's latest console, you can find more information about it on the official website. Essentially it's the successor to the Nintendo GameCube and the method of control is extremely innovative. So much so that it may in face put the big N back on top of the home console market. But I digress...

Wii day. For gamers such as me, this day has been in the making for longer than we can remember. Recently there were rumors of possible shortages... demand would be high, especially due to the hype generated on the internet. We decided the best course of action would be to wait in line outside our local Target this morning before they opened. I managed to get there about 6:00 (they opened at 8:00). This particular store was to have 39 in stock the first day. I was not a moment too soon! I stepped into the line, 37th person from the door.

It was a cold, cold morning... but it was worth it. I snapped this picture with my phone in the car.

Allie and I spent the rest of the day (after I got home at 9:00) setting it up and playing games. Man, it's amazing. Everything I thought it would be. Here's another shot in case the first one's not believable:

Everyone should get a Wii!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

supa hot!

And one of MY favorites...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Website updates!

In the midst (er... near the end, actually) of a busy busy week, I've finally gotten around to updating our website, to coincide with the RTM (tech speak really gets into your head; sorry!) of the first wave of Thank-You notes.

Updates include a transcript of our wedding ceremony and photo albums from the wedding shower and the reception. The photos currently up are those that we got from the "table cameras." That means that you, dear reader, are the photographer who created these masterpieces.

Below are a couple of my personal favorites from the reception album.

Head on over to our website to check it all out!