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Thursday, September 21, 2006

return to blogging!

It has been FAR too long since we've updated! Things are just so busy lately!

There is plenty to report to! My trip to California was great, and it is alos great to be back. The wedding planning is nearly complete, as it is less than a month until the big day! Things will hopefully calm down a bit afterwards.

Here is a photo I took in California after a difficult hike. More to come...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bachelor chow

Allie's been gone to California for almost a week now. (I'm going to pick her up tomorrow, yay!) But I've managed to keep myself busy while she's been gone. Here are some of the projects/adventures I've had in the mean time.

Before Allie left for California, we went camping in a place called Graham Cave State Park. It was really pretty fun! Here's a photo I took of my knee and our campfire.

Then we hung out in St. Louis until her flight. We went to a Whole Foods for the first time, which was really awesome. Then we just kinda chilled at our hotel and Allie got ready for her departing flight, which was really early in the morning.

In the time since Allie flew away, I've managed to stay busy and take a few decent-ish pictures on my phone in the process. I rented and watched V from Netflix, which was interesting. A package came that Allie had ordered, which included these awesome items:

(whatever this thing is)

I also managed to do quite a bit of cleaning around the house that I'd been meaning to do for a long time. Ah, but I see the cat hair is already accumulating on our living-room floor once again. Oh well.

Today I went to the dentist and found out (not surprisingly) that I need a significant amount of dental work. I'm scheduled to get a root canal and a crown in mid-October and a small filling in November, then probably a few more crowns next year. Oh well... that's what dental insurance is for! While I was at my (new) dentist, I saw that he had proudly displayed the 2005 "Provider of the Year" award he received from CCHCC in the same office as his DDS diploma and Illinois state dentistry license. I was so excited (and wanted to show Allie) so I took a picture with my phone (You can almost read it):

Holy crap, the wedding is getting really close now... Eeep! I'm besided!

In geeky news, I've spent the past few days using Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 on my laptop. It is actually pretty good. I've only had it totally freeze up on me once, which is impressive for an OS that's still unfinished. The coolest eye-candy thing they've done is called Flip3D. Here's a video that gives you an idea of how it works. Aside from the aesthetic improvements, I looked through all the Group Policy settings today and noticed that a ton of stuff that I've always wished I could set by GPO (Power Options comes to mind) will be configurable in a Vista environment. Now that is exciting!

Other than that, I've just been watching reruns of Futurama, TOS, DS9, etc. all week

So tomorrow I drive to STL and pick up Allie. Hooray! The bachelor week comes to a close.