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Friday, February 17, 2006

5 years and counting

5 years ago my life changed forever.

In the balcony of a dark, musty, old theater I met the person I will be with forever. He's a tall, skinny kid with blue eyes and a kind face. I love him so dearly and completely. He makes me laugh and smile and love.

Today we have our life together, about as perfect as it can get. We have so much behind us, but so much more to come.

My Jon... My Don Don... my heart


Anonymous said...

No words can express how happy (and thankful) I am that you found Jon. When he came into your life, it was like watching the affects of the warmth & sun on a little seed - I watched you spring to life. He's a wonderful young man and we couldn't be happier. There's nothing more a mom could ask for than for her child to find her soulmate in life.
I am so happy and love you both.

Anonymous said...

You guys--
I just love your blog. It helps me remember how sweet love is when it is new, although there is much to be said about old love too.

I'm totally delighted that Jon has found you Allie, his soulmate.I know that we will grow to be very close and you two will be extremely happy together and your love will continue to grow. love you--mom