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Thursday, May 25, 2006

They call me the Working Man

"GULLIBLE WHITE GEEK WITH EXPENDABLE INCOME" is right... At least the part about income.

I finally got a "real" job! I'll be working as a consultant with CITES Departmental Services. It's gonna be awesome! This page pretty much describes my job.

I start June 12. I'm going to miss working at MIE, but it will be real nice to have actual benefits.

Go me!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on the new job man, since you have money now can i borrow 20 bucks? LOL just kidding - no seriously can i borrow 30 bucks?

Anonymous said...

we are really happy for you,Jon....
I know you will do a super job for the university, and have a great time doing it!!

Love you----mom

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS, JON! Does this mean you are officially "grown up"?! =0)

Anonymous said...

congratulations! welcome to being a boring grown-up! ha!