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Monday, August 07, 2006


So, this weekend was the Decatur Celebration, and for the last few years we have volunteered for the Roving Characters. This means we dress up in outrageously hot costumes and walk around in the roasting sun to entertain millions dozens of kids! They hug us... we sweat... they dash across the street away from their parents safe grasp to see their favorite cartoon character... we sweat... sometimes they cry... always we sweat.

It's lots of fun, supporting the home town pride! Usually we have some crappy costumes (generic brown bear, odd looking bunny, etc) but this year we had all REAL popular characters! And every year for the last 4 years at least one of us has made it into the newspaper. Although this year we did not get the font page, Ashley still made it in as Blue!

Elmo = Allie
Sponge Bob = Jon
Blue = Ashley
Shrek = Jeremy


Anonymous said...

Elmo, Elmo, Elmo! That's currently my nephew's favorite word, so I hear lots of Elmo... glad you have a good time! Looks like fun... maybe you can lend me the elmo get-up sometime Allie. ;)

Anonymous said...

Allie - you're the most adorable Elmo ever.

Drop me an email before you come out here this fall.