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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Birthday loot!

Well, despite our lack of blogging lately, life has been going well! The house is coming along quite well, work is busy, and fun activities abound!

Today is a special day, though, as it is my birthday! I'm 24 (thats TWENTY FOUR) years old. A special shout out to that girl I've shared all my birthdays with - you know who you are! :)
As the official birthday is nearly over, its time to review the birthday loot.
Jon got me exactly what I wanted - a PSP. This is the handheld game system made by Sony.

He also got me a few games: "Me and My Katamari" and "Loco Roco." Both VERY cute.

From my co-worker Katie, a DARLING cake pan! I mentioned this to her one day, and she got it for me! How sweet! I can't wait to make a cake!

From the Mom and the Grandma... a bit of cash! Always welcome.
From the group of seniors my organization works with to improve Medicare, a WONDERFUL rendition on Happy Birthday at our monthly meeting today. It was beyond touching.
From the rest of the co-workers, some wonderful cupcakes with purple icing.
From many friends, some happy birthday well wishes!
Needless to say, I'm feeling very loved today!


brooke said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLIE! I wish I'd been there to eat cupcakes with you. Hope you had a good one.

TC said...

Hehe... did I guilt you into posting? O:)

Orang said...

Dear Allie Jones,
I painted you a little picture for your birthday. It turned out pretty cute, I think.
I would like to deliver it tomorrow if it's not totally nasty and pouring out and if you are not too busy!
<3, Ashley