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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Badlands, SD

One of the most beautiful places we visited in South Dakota was the Badlands. The soil around the rock formations is being constantly eroded, leaving behind the exposed buttes, gullies, and ridges that we see. There are many fossils found throughout the Badlands. It was really, really hot the day we went, and there are no trees for shade. But the sky was clear, and that makes for beautiful photograph!

It is so hard to get a sense of depth in these photos, but these rocks stretch on for MILES.

I love these next two pictures because they were taken from a moving car. So they're a bit funky, but still show off the beautiful scenery!

The color of the rocks is so amazing!

Just beautiful.

You are allowed to climb on the rocks, so of course, we did! Here are my cousins Jordan and Cory hanging out.


TC said...

I can never seem to get enough of the Badlands.

Devlin said...

You said buttes.

: P


Jon said...

I like big buttes, and I can not lie.