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Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Camping

Jon and I had a quick camping trip to McCormick's Creek State Park this weekend. It was a great park with tons of hiking. We also took Scruffy, which made it his first camping trip!

Pretty fall trees.

McCormick's Creek

Scruffy loves hiking!

Wolf Cave

McCormick's Creek waterfall.

The park was FULL of different mushrooms!


Jon said...

Beautiful photos! Scruffy sure was pooped after all that hiking.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE ALL YOUR PICTURES! And happy belated anniversary! (yeah yeah I know, I need to get on FaceBook - but thanks for posting these here so I can see....)
<3 Momma

Orang said...

I knew you guys loved shrooms.

gone said...

wow that is such an amazing park, beautiful photos! i've just started my blog, please hav a look when you can/ follow me. there are some interesting posts on the way. it requires work but i need some traffic haha x