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Friday, March 31, 2006

It is worthwhile to live/ and fight courageously/ for sacred ideals - Norbert Capek

This week was really, really tough. One of my friends and co-workers Bill Mueller passed away on Monday. He was only 51 and passed away from diabetes related complications. He worked at CCHCC for the last nine years fighting for health care justice for all. He was a kind soul with a mad sense of humor. We are truly a family at CCHCC - a strange little over-worked family, and loosing such an important person is a huge blow. I have spent a lot of time this week at the office, hugging and crying, spending time with fellow CCHCC folks, trying to cope with this. His funeral was today, and hopefully this will be the begining steps to closure.

After the funeral in the morning, I needed to focus on something else and get my mind on something new. Luckily, in the afternoon Jon and I had a meeting with a caterer to talk about food at our wedding reception, and it was a great meeting. The lady was really nice and the food will be wonderful - no meat! We're pretty sure we'll be going with them. My Mom is helping us out with some wedding $$, so we are going to be able to afford this lovely food.

Then after the meeting with the caterer, Jon and I went to a local park to go fly a kite. Jon's Mom bought us a kite several years ago, and we keep it in the trunk of the car for spontaneous windy days. Today was crazy windy - almost too windy - but we tried anyway.

Here is Jon fighting with the kite.

And finally up in the air!

And now my turn.

And finally, here is a picture of the extremely tall clouds that had just passed over Champaign. These clouds were insane! So big! And VERY beautiful. Just the ending I needed to a really difficult week.

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