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Monday, June 12, 2006

one fine day

I'm sorry we haven't been posting much lately. I left my camera cord in Washington DC back in January, and since then we've been using Jon's computer to get the pictures off of my camera card. However, about two weeks ago Jon's computer FREAKED OUT and is pretty much dead. So I have about three weeks of awesome pictures on my camera, just begging to be posted, but with no way to retrieve them.

Jon started his new job today! Woo hoo! Go Jon!

We went to our friend's wedding this weekend, though, which was quite fun. I'll be putting up pictures eventually!

In our own wedding news, we've been doing a good deal of planning, including picking the final bridesmaid dresses. So, here you go!


Anonymous said...

This dress is SO PRETTY, Allie!
We'll all be up tomorrow for fittings...well, IIIII'll be there but I won't be fitted! ha ha
Congrats on Jon starting his new job!
Love to you both..

Anonymous said...

Great dress....very flattering for everyone...Beautiful color...
I'm starting to get really will be so much fun..
see ya sue

Anonymous said...

Awesome dresses! Your wedding gown is really pretty, too. Make sure you get a big fan to blow on you like the lady in the picture! Ha ha! :)