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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yard Day

Today was an extremely productive day! It was a lovely 80 degrees with a good breeze to keep us cool. We spent the day our back yard, with the help of Jon's parents, working on projects.

Here is a list of what we accomplished:
-- started more vegetable seeds
-- potted some flowers
-- tilled the garden
-- put up a new garden fence
-- installed our rain barrel
-- dug out a doggy waste composter
-- put up a bat house

Here are some photos from our day.

Our pretty tulip.

Jon digging the hole for the dog waste composter.

Cutting the old garbage can to line the dog waste composter.



Adding rocks at the bottom for drainage.

To finish it off we added dog poo, septic tank starter, and some water. Cover with garbage can lid, and there you have it! Hopefully it will work out well and be a more natural way to deal with dog waste.

On to the garden...

Jon tilling things up!

Brand new (hopefully bunny-proof) fence!

And the bat house! Hopefully some bats move in and eat some bugs.

And lastly, Sue and I goofing around.

As mentioned above, we also installed a rain barrel, but I'll make a dedicated rain barrel post later.

Thanks so much to Bill and Sue for all their help today! We're so lucky!

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I Game on a Budget said...

Awesome! The dog-waste composter is great. We've been thinking about installing one. Seeing how easy it was makes me think it should happen very soon.

We had a sort of spring maintenance/gardening day two weeks ago. My father in-law assisted with gutter-installation. Erin, her mother, aunt, and brother Nathan worked on the front garder. Awesome. If you want any Hostas (shade loving easy to grow plants) we have some to give.